Madingley Cemetery, Cambridge

First Image Title Catalogue Reference Date(s)
General information MC 371/81, USF 1/10 1990s View
General information MC 371/422, USF 9/1 1945 View
General information MC 371/384, USF 8/1 nd [late 20th century] View
General information MC 371/231, USF 4/9 1993-1996 View
General information MC 371/281, USF 5/4 nd [late 20th century] View
General information MC 371/675, USF 14/4 1990 View
Papers and photographs relating to Memorial Day services at Madingley Cemetery MC 376/768, USF 4/10 1984-1992 View
Photograph album of Don Olds MC 376/759, USF 8/9 1945-2003 View
Photographs of VE Day 50th anniversary celebrations: American Military Cemetery, banquet and service in Norwich Cathedral MC 376/362/5, USF PH 21/1 5 May 1995-12 May 1995 View
Photographs relating to the opening of the new Memorial Library created by George Wright and the Lead Aircraft Project concerning the construction of model 2nd Air Division Lead/Assembly aeroplanes MC 376/638/2, USF PH 19/2 2001 View
Plan of Hardwick airbase and papers relating to memorials MC 371/142, USF 2/1 c 1994 View
Presentation photograph album and scrapbook: album one MC 376/327/1, USF 20/1 1944-1969 View
Records relating to the 2nd Air Division Association's 40th Annual Convention: press photographs from the convention MC 376/379/6, USF 21/7 1987 View
Visitor information MC 371/355, USF 7/5 nd [late 20th century] View
Visitor information MC 371/496, USF 11/10 1995 View
Visitor information MC 371/197, USF 3/10 late 20th century View
Visitors' information MC 371/299, USF 6/2 nd [20th century] View