Wartime and remembrance

The men and women of the Second Air Division didn’t just fight for the people of East Anglia, they lived with them too. This theme explores what life was like for US military personnel and what they got up to during their time stationed in England, as well as the impact of wartime on East Anglia and its residents. It also contains records showing how the Second Air Division has been remembered in the region in which it operated.

Leisure Time and Entertainment Records documenting how service personnel spent their leisure time Expand
Missions and Incidents Military missions and incidents such as raids on Ploesti and D-Day Expand
People Records documenting the daily lives of service personnel from East Anglia, those held as prisoners of war or internees, and relationships between service personnel and the residents of East Anglia. Expand
Remembrance Records documenting how the Second Air Division has been remembered in East Anglia including VE-Day parades, the founding of the Second Air Division Memorial Library and other memorials Expand
Wartime Norfolk Norfolk and Norwich during the Second World War, including photographs of the area and memoirs of Norfolk residents Expand