B-24 'Witchcraft'

First Image Title Catalogue Reference Date(s)
467th Bomb Group 200th mission 'short snorter' featuring an image of the B-24 'Witchcraft' MC 376/585, USF 19/5 1945 View
Cartoons: 'Rackheath Memories' and related papers MC 371/476, USF 11/6 nd [1943-1945] View
Collection of mounted photographs part three: 466th Bomb Group, 467th Bomb Group and 491st Bomb Group MC 371/908/65-89, USF PH 23/1-2 c 1943-1945 View
Commemorative short-snorter bank note showing the B-24 'Witchcraft' MC 376/655, USF 13/1 [1943] View
Correspondence and photographs relating to a 200th mission party, the Coffey crew and B-24 'Witchcraft' MC 376/533, USF 11/5 12 Aug 1970 View
Correspondence and publications MC 376/194, USF 11/5 1943-1997 View
Correspondence between Phyllis Dubois, Derek Hills and Michael Caputor relating to the proposed building of a model of the B-24 Liberator 'Witchcraft' MC 376/701, USF 20/15 11 Nov 1995-23 Apr 1997 View
E-mail correspondence and related papers MC 376/714, USF 6/4 2009 View
Photograph album of Don Olds MC 376/753, USF 8/9 c 1942-c 1994 View
Photographs MC 371/469, USF 11/5 1944-1945 View
Photographs of Mike Caputo’s model of the B-24 ‘Witchraft’ under final stages of construction MC 376/543, USF 19/4 1996 View
Photographs relating to B-24 'Witchcraft' MC 371/491, USF PH 11/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Photographs relating to Shipdham airbase and B-24 aircraft MC 376/121, USF PH 1/2 Jun 1943 View
Photographs, Stephenson crew list and short snorter MC 371/501, USF 11/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Reprints of photographs showing the B-24 'Witchcraft' with members of its ground maintenance crew MC 376/656, USF PH 11/2 [1943] View