First Image Title Catalogue Reference Date(s)
Aerial charts relating to Charles Taylor's mission to Munster, Germany and memories of the crash of B-24 'Big Banner' MC 371/877, USF 1/9 1943-1975 View
Air strike photographs, mission diary and related documents MC 376/313, USF 11/7 1944-1945 View
British official war photographs MC 376/592/7, USF PH 17/4 Jul 1944 View
British official war photographs MC 376/592/6, USF PH 17/5 Jul 1944 View
Correspondence MC 371/420, USF 9/4 Mar 1944-Apr 1944 View
Crew memoir of the B-24 'Boomerang', with related documents MC 376/227, USF 14/1 1994 View
Escape maps MC 371/205, USF 4/1 1943 View
Maps MC 371/861, USF OVR/4 nd [1940s] View
Memoir MC 376/190, USF 11/1 1977 View
Mission maps and movement orders MC 371/337, USF 7/1 1944-1945 View
Photographs and documents relating to Ernest Gavitt and the Arnett crew MC 376/230, USF 14/1 1944-1983 View
Photographs and papers sent to Bill Robertie as editor of the 2nd Air Division Association's 'Journal': memoirs and stories from veterans MC 376/602/6, USF 21/15 1979-1982 View
Publications MC 371/624, USF 13/2 1945 View
Research on Nick Mandell MC 376/372, USF 4/4 20th century View
Telegrams MC 371/079, USF 9/4 Mar 1944-Apr 1944 View
U.S. Army Air Forces Aerial Photographic Section album MC 371/916, USF OVR/6 1940s View
Wartime aeronautical map of East Anglia and The Netherlands (Sheet 6, North Sea) MC 371/870, USF OVR/3 nd [1943-1945] View