Ground/non-combat crews/sections

First Image Title Catalogue Reference Date(s)
2212th Quartermaster Truck Company Aviation record and correspondence MC 376/475/2, USF 6/2 31 Aug 1944-20 May 1945 View
44th Bomb Group communications personnel MC 371/3, USF 1/1 c 1945 View
467th Bomb Group roster MC 371/470, USF 11/5 nd [20th century] View
479th Sub Depot leather patch MC 371/834/2, USF Patches/1 c 1945 View
7th Photo Group's account of bombing missions over Europe MC 376/277, USF 18/4 c 1945 View
Album containing photographs of George Cyril Stannard and Ketteringham Hall MC 376/357, USF OVR/2 20th century View
Article about the opening of the American Red Cross Service Club, Bishop's Palace MC 371/703, USF 18/3 1943 View
Certificate from the presentation of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library 'Pallas Athene Key' MC 371/816, USF 16/1 Jul 1990 View
Collection of mounted photographs part one: 466th Bomb Group, 467th Bomb Group and various other subjects MC 371/908/1-42, USF PH 23/1 1943-1973 View
Correspondence MC 371/148, USF 3/1 3 Oct 1942-18 Jan 1983 View
Crew photographs and papers MC 376/383, USF 1/9 1943-1997 View
Ground and support crew photographs MC 376/404, USF PH 8/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Group photographs, roster of officers and Quidenham memorial MC 371/740, USF 18/1 1943-1944 View
History of the 379th Air Services Group MC 376/237, USF 13/5 Dec 1944-May 1945 View
Itinerary for a trolley mission and photographs showing various scenes MC 376/232, USF 14/2 1945 View
Letter and photograph MC 376/485, USF 8/1 1944 View
Lists of salvaged and repaired aircraft, with an introduction to the work of Field Engineering by Lt Dick Ayers MC 376/303, USF 18/1 1943-1945 View
Loading lists, newspaper articles, theatre programme and photographs MC 371/411, USF 9/3 1945 View
Meteorology Photography Unit photographs MC 376/439, USF PH 1/1 1944 View
News cuttings, photographs, letter of appreciation MC 376/209, USF 11/10 1945-1995 View
Papers relating to the activities of the 458th Bomb Group MC 376/162, USF 9/3 1944 View
Personnel lists MC 371/651, USF 13/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Photograph album of Don Olds MC 376/760, USF 8/13 c 1942- c 1945 View
Photograph album relating to Rackheath airbase: volume one MC 376/299, USF 11/3 nd [1943-c1983] View
Photograph of aircraft and mission map MC 371/80, USF 1/1 6 Oct 1944 View
Photograph of flight and ground officers of the 56th in front of a fighter aircraft, with list of officers photographed. MC 376/666, USF 15/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Photograph of the 1080th Signal Corps MC 376/198, USF 11/1 nd [20th century] View
Photograph showing ground crews with bicycles watching the sky MC 371/747, USF PH 19/1 c 1943-1945 View
Photograph showing members 2nd Air Division Judge Advocate staff MC 376/356, USF 17/4 20th century View
Photographic reprints MC 371/91, USF PH 2/1 c 1945 View
Photographs MC 376/139, USF 8/1 1944 View
Photographs MC 376/398, USF 4/7 c 1944 View
Photographs MC 376/489, USF PH 9/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Photographs MC 371/631, USF 13/3 nd [1944-1990] View
Photographs and memorabilia MC 376/333, USF 17/1 1945-1996 View
Photographs and news cuttings MC 376/26, USF 1/1 1992 View
Photographs and papers relating to McConnell's wartime experiences and missons MC 376/793, USF 9/4 1944-1945 View
Photographs and papers sent to Bill Robertie as editor of the 2nd Air Division Association's 'Journal': membership correspondence and papers relating to the 2nd Air Division 36th Annual Convention MC 376/602/7, USF 21/15 1980-1983 View
Photographs and papers sent to Bill Robertie as editor of the 2nd Air Division Association's 'Journal': papers relating to the funeral of Jack Mooney MC 376/602/1, USF 21/15 1979 View
Photographs and papers sent to Bill Robertie as editor of the 2nd Air Division Association's 'Journal': memoirs and stories from veterans MC 376/602/6, USF 21/15 1979-1982 View
Photographs from the dedication of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library 'Pallas Athene Key' MC 371/806, USF PH 16/1 1990 View
Photographs including aeroplanes, crashes, missions, mission damage in France and Germany and personnel MC 376/771, USF 4/11 c 1943-2002 View
Photographs of 2nd Combat Wing staff MC 376/341, USF 17/2 1943-1944 View
Photographs of aircraft, personnel and events relating to various groups including the 93rd Bomb Group (Hardwick) and 448th Bomb Group (Seething) MC 376/649, USF 23/1 1944 View
Photographs of Griston church and Watton airfield MC 371/709, USF PH 18/1 c 1943-1945 View
Photographs of people and events MC 371/603, USF PH 12/1 nd [1944-1945] View
Photographs of personnel at Hardwick MC 376/463, USF PH 2/1 c 1944 View
Photographs of personnel at Hardwick MC 376/466, USF PH 2/1 c 1944 View
Photographs of Roland J. Dill MC 371/16, USF 1/3 1945 View
Photographs of scenes, aircraft and personnel at Rackheath MC 376/728, USF PH 11/1 1944 View
Photographs of the 463rd Sub Depot MC 371/166, USF 3/1 1944 View
Photographs of WAC personnel MC 371/802, USF PH 16/1 1943, 1986 View
Photographs relating to B-24 'Witchcraft' MC 371/491, USF PH 11/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Photographs relating to Shipdham airbase and B-24 aircraft MC 376/121, USF PH 1/2 Jun 1943 View
Photographs, Stephenson crew list and short snorter MC 371/501, USF 11/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Poem 'Paris Revisited' MC 371/811, USF 16/1 7 July 1944 View
Radar Group photograph MC 376/458, USF 4/5 c 1943 View
Recorded memoirs and opinions of unnamed Norfolk resident, part one of second recording MC 376/119/2/1 nd [c 1985] View
Recorded memoirs and opinions of unnamed Norfolk resident, part two of second recording MC 376/119/2/2 nd [c 1985] View
Reprints of photographs showing the B-24 'Witchcraft' with members of its ground maintenance crew MC 376/656, USF PH 11/2 [1943] View
Reprints of photographs showing the official dedication of the B-24 'Pallas Athene' MC 371/817, USF PH 16/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Theatre progammes and museum brochures MC 371/812, USF 16/1 1944 View