Fabric patches and other objects

First Image Title Catalogue Reference Date(s)
448th Bomb Group fabric patch MC 376/592/20/2, USF Patches/1 nd [late 20th century] View
467th Bomb Group 200th mission 'short snorter' featuring an image of the B-24 'Witchcraft' MC 376/585, USF 19/5 1945 View
479th Sub Depot leather patch MC 371/834/2, USF Patches/1 c 1945 View
754th Bomb Squadron fabric patch. MC 371/834/1, USF Patches/1 nd [20th century] View
8th Air Force fabric patch MC 371/382/1, USF Patches/1 nd [1943-1945] View
8th Air Force uniform patches MC 371/841, USF Patches/1 20th century View
Bird insignia patch MC 371/692, USF Patches/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Bomb squadron patches MC 371/838, USF Patches/1 20th century View
Correspondence, certificates, photographs and memorabilia MC 376/401, USF 6/1 1944-1997 View
Escape maps MC 371/205, USF 4/1 1943 View
Event programmes including for VE Day MC 376/253, USF 2/8 1945 View
Fabric banner MC 371/854 1963 View
Fabric uniform patches (original) MC 371/840, USF Patches/1 nd [1942-1945] View
Fabric uniform patches (reproduction) MC 371/844, USF Patches/1 nd [late 20th Century] View
Goldfish Club memorabilia MC 371/260, USF 5/2 30 Dec 1943-8 Jun 1988 View
Leather crew patch featuring a tortoise and hare motif MC 376/12/2, USF Patches/1 nd [1943-1945] View
Leather patch MC 376/591/10, USF Patches/1 [1943-1945] View
Leather patch photographs MC 371/296, USF 6/1 nd [late 20th century] View
Memoir and letters relating to Ben Kuroki MC 376/384, USF 2/6 1943-1944 View
Memorabilia MC 371/639, USF 13/3 nd [1943-1945] View
Mission and escape maps MC 371/862, USF OVR/3 nd [1940s] View
News cuttings and 706th Bomb Squadron patch photograph MC 371/285, USF 6/1 1986-1993 View
Original leather 392nd Bomb Group patch, with 'Crusader' emblem MC 371/220/2, USF Patches/1 1942-1945 View
Papers of James H. Reeves as President of the 2nd Air Division Association: commemorative stamps and correspondence relating to the 2nd Air Division Association 40th Annual Convention MC 376/592/25, USF 21/12 1987 View
Photograph of 492nd and 491st Bomb Group memorial kneeler made by the tapestry group in North Pickenham MC 376/799, USF 14/4 2014 View
Photograph of a 707th Bomb Squadron fabric patch MC 371/297, USF PH 6/1 nd [late 20th century] View
Photograph of the 389th Bomb Group's insignia patch showing its green dragon emblem MC 371/172, USF 3/1 20th century View
Photographs and escape map MC 376/53, USF 2/5 1940s View
Photographs and papers sent to Bill Robertie as editor of the 2nd Air Division Association's 'Journal': memorabilia sales MC 376/602/9, USF 21/15 c 1980 View
Photographs of bomb squadron patches MC 371/135, USF 2/1 20th century View
Photographs of uniform patches MC 371/826, USF PH 23/3 late 20th Century View
Postcards, photograph of Sgt Jimmy Grinley and French Francs MC 376/581, USF 19/5 1944-1945 View
Records relating to the 2nd Air Division Association's 40th Annual Convention: commemorative postage stamp covers issued during the convention MC 376/379/3, USF 21/8 22 May 1987-23 May 1987 View
Scrapbook relating to Rackheath MC 371/478, USF 11/11 nd [1943-1947] View
Signed short snorter (100 French Franc banknote) MC 376/661, USF 19/5 13 Nov 1944 View
USAAF shoulder patches MC 376/71/1, USF Patches/1 nd [20th century] View