Hethel Airfield (Station 114)

First Image Title Catalogue Reference Date(s)
389th Bomb Group photograph album MC 371/910, USF PH 3/3 1943-1945 View
Collection of mounted photographs part two: 44th Bomb Group, 93rd Bomb Group, 389th Bomb Group and 392nd Bomb Group MC 371/908/43-64, USF PH 23/1 c 1943-1944 View
Copies of photographs showing personnel and aircraft MC 376/179, USF 3/5 c 1943 View
Extracts from war diary MC 371/169, USF 3/3 19 Nov 1942-8 Dec 1942 View
Group history: part one MC 371/192, USF 3/9 20th century View
Group history: part two MC 371/193, USF 3/9 20th century View
Memoir, 'A Look Back at WWII' MC 376/685, USF 3/2 nd [late 20th century] View
News cuttings MC 371/182, USF 3/1 20th century View
Papers and photographs of Charles F. May MC 371/177, USF 3/8 1944-1979 View
Papers relating to the 'Hethel Het Cats' and Helmer's military service MC 376/171, USF 3/3 1944-1945 View
Photograph of the hangar at Hethel airfield MC 376/448, USF PH 3/1 22 Jun 1963 View
Photograph showing the B-24 'Delectable Doris' on base after sustaining damage MC 376/447, USF PH 3/1 c 1944 View
Photographic reprints MC 371/186, USF PH 3/3 1943 View
Photographs and articles relating to Fr Gerald Beck MC 376/82, USF 3/1 1926-1994 View
Photographs of aircraft MC 376/389, USF 3/3 20th century View
Photographs of Gen. Doolittle awarding the Soldier's Medal to Capt. John Driscoll MC 376/345, USF PH 3/1 27 Apr 1944 View
Photographs of Hethel airbase MC 376/658, USF PH 3/3 late 20th century View
Photographs relating to Hethel (389th Bomb Group) and unidentified an group, with letter heading for 491st Bomb Group (Metfield and North Pickenham) MC 376/541, USF PH 23/1 nd [1942-1945] View
Photographs showing buildings at Hethel aerodrome MC 376/450, USF PH 3/1 1951 View
Recorded memoir of C.F. Pease MC 371/882/64 nd [c 1985] View
Recorded memoir of Earl Zimmerman, part 1 of 2 (side A of cassette) MC 371/882/1/1 19 Jan 1983 View
Recorded memoir of Earl Zimmerman, part 2 of 2 (side B of cassette) MC 371/882/1/2 19 Jan 1983 View
Recorded memoir of James (Jim) H. Reeves MC 371/882/11 nd [c 1985] View
Recorded memoir of Jordan Uttal MC 371/882/24 nd [c 1985] View
Recorded memoir of Lloyd West MC 371/882/36 nd [c 1985] View
Recorded memoir of Russell Hayes MC 371/882/62 nd [c 1985] View
Recorded memoir of Tom Stephens MC 371/882/55 nd [c 1985] View
Records relating to the 2nd Air Division Memorial MC 371/39, USF 1/4 1945-1982 View
Tony North's photograph album: 389th Bomb Group MC 376/734, USF 23/3 c 1942-c 1945 View
Transcript of recorded memoirs of Earl Zimmerman MC 371/199, USF 3/10 19 Jan 1983 View
VE day anniversary celebrations MC 376/449, USF PH 3/1 c 1994 View
Visitor information MC 371/197, USF 3/10 late 20th century View