North Pickenham Airfield (Station 143)

First Image Title Catalogue Reference Date(s)
Air strike and other photographs MC 376/236, USF 13/1 1945 View
Airfield map and photographs MC 371/629, USF 13/3 nd [1943-1945] View
Articles relating to Russell Hansen MC 376/241, USF 13/3 1992 View
General information MC 371/675, USF 14/4 1990 View
General information about the 491st Bomb Group MC 371/609, USF 13/4 late 20th century View
Memorabilia MC 371/625, USF 13/3 nd [1944] View
Photocopy and photographic copy of a photo-book, '491st Bombardment Group', relating to Herbert Wagner MC 376/250, USF 13/4 nd [1942-1945] View
Photocopy of North Pickenham flying control log MC 376/226, USF 13/5 12 Jul 1944-20 Jun 1945 View
Photograph of North Pickenham control tower MC 371/641, USF PH 13/1 1944 View
Photographs MC 376/239, USF 13/2 nd [20th century] View
Photographs and papers sent to Bill Robertie as editor of the 2nd Air Division Association's 'Journal': memoirs and stories from veterans MC 376/602/6, USF 21/15 1979-1982 View
Photographs, leaflets and newspaper articles relating to North Pickenham collected by Keith Thomas MC 376/249, USF 13/4 1944-1992 View
Recorded memoir of Elmer W. Clarey MC 371/882/13 nd [c 1985] View
Recorded memoir of Stanley Albert Seger MC 371/882/58 nd [c 1985] View
Tony North's photograph album: 489th and 491st Bomb Groups MC 376/744, USF 23/8 c 1942-c 1945 View
Tony North's photograph album: 491st Bomb Group MC 376/745, USF 23/8 c 1942-c 1945 View