Leisure memorabilia (MC 371/31, USF 1/4)
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Leisure memorabilia


MC 371/31, USF 1/4

1 file containing 2 booklets, 42 papers


44th Bomb Group

Goodman G. Griffin

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Collection of memorabilia relating to leisure activities. Includes menus and invitations to special events; theatre tickets and programmess for theatres in London, Oxford, Stratford Upon Avon and Paris, and a production of 'Skirts' by the 8th Air Force Special Service Section; orders for a trip to Paris, 1945. Published guidebook, E.A. Greening Lambourn, 'Oxford. A short illustrated historical guide' (Oxford, 1942) and booklet, 'For U.S. Armed Forces in UK, Cambridge' (1944). Also includes printed souvenirs including Norwich Guildhall and Market calendar, 1944, and shipping labels for Port and Sherry. Other papers include a humourous typescript 'list of various phraseologies and explanation in military correspondence', reprints of eight Louisiana Division of Employment Security News Weekly cartoons, 1942-1943, a sample letter, as would be written by an American to an English girl met at a dance, a receipt for a pair of jodhpur boots and shoe tree and a list of popular places in London, 1944.