Trucking mission, rules and operational papers (MC 371/444, USF 10/3)
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Trucking mission, rules and operational papers


MC 371/444, USF 10/3

41 papers

16 Aug 1943-27 Sep 1944

466th Bomb Group

James H. Lorenz

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Original itinerary for the 785th and 787th Bomb Squadrons' trucking mission no. 15, 27 September 1944; printed rules for the fraternization of officers and enlisted personnel, 13 April 1944; various movement orders, list of regulation clothing and equipment checklist for transfer from United States, 16 August 1943; instructions for graduates on clearing a post; memorandum relating to the penalization of officers for mistakes, personal award citations and copies of other movement orders and a Distinguished Unit Citation for the 733rd Bomb Squadron, 18 September 1944, for bombing missions 9 May 1944-17 August 1944.