Crew records relating to pilot Robert Boyle (MC 371/571, USF 12/5)
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Crew records relating to pilot Robert Boyle


MC 371/571, USF 12/5

8 papers


489th Bomb Group

Robert N. Boyle

Parts of this archival document (image 1), as made available online, have been redacted / not published for sensitivity and / or rights issues. Enquiries regarding material not published online should be directed to the NRO in the first instance.

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Crew records including a list of crew members, mission list (for 32 missions) and recommendation for the promotion of James E. Murph to the rank of Staff Sergeant, 23 February 1944. Named crew members are: Robert N. Boyle (pilot); Clark L. 'Larry' Corey (co-pilot); V.L. Jensen (navigator); Arthur C. Loge (bombardier); James E. Murph (engineer); Paul B. Starnes (radio operator); Lloyd R. Landis (gunner); Edward R. Klugh (gunner); Vertus W. Ewoldt (gunner); Harry M. Kaplan (gunner); John N. Klein (navigator), killed in action with another crew, 20 June 1944, and Francis P. Rable (crew chief).