Training pamphlets and publications collected by Robert N. Boyle (MC 371/574, USF 12/6)
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Training pamphlets and publications collected by Robert N. Boyle


MC 371/574, USF 12/6

1 folder

nd [1943-1945]

489th Bomb Group

Robert N. Boyle

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1) 'You Are An Officer: are you a genteman?', an illustrated guide to good etiquette and behaviour for officers. 2) 'I've Got Wings', cartoon illustrated guide to the rules and etiquette of being a pilot (United States Army Air Forces, undated). 3) 'So You're a Pilot', an illustrated narrative guide, with cartoons and photographs, to being a pilot (Gowen Field, Idaho, nd). 4) 'Lessons That Live'. See Access Conditions [not transferred and not available at the NRO.] 5) Capt. E.J. Wynn, 'So You're Going to Fly the Big Stuff' (Army Air Forces Pilot School, Fort Worth, nd) an illustrated book of tips for flying large aircraft. 6) 'Winter Draws On. Meet the Spandules' (Safety Education Division Flight Control Command and illustrations by Walt Disney, 1943) a cartoon illustrated guide to aircraft maintenance and flying in cold conditions. 7) 'First Aid And Military Hygiene' (Ellington Field, Texas, nd). 8) 'When You Are Overseas. Pamphlet no 21-1', giving regulations for writing home and censorship of letters. 9) 'Combat Crew' (United States Army Air Forces, nd) narrative guide to the roles of the various crew members. 10) 'Pocket Handbook of Emergency Operations for the B-24D, E and G Airplane' (Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, San Diego, 1943). 11) 'Jungle-Desert-Arctic Emergencies' (United States Army Air Forces, nd) illustrated guide to handling emergency situations in various climates. 12) 'Going Back to Civilian Life' (War Department Pamphlet no. 21-4, November 1944).