Photographs, special order and roster (MC 371/610, USF 13/2)
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Photographs, special order and roster


MC 371/610, USF 13/2

13 photographs; 12 papers


491st Bomb Group

Vincent S. Cahill

Parts of this archival document (image(s) 28 to 38 inclusive), as made available online, have not been published for sensitivity issues. Enquiries regarding material not published online should be directed to the NRO in the first instance.

Image Information

Reprints of photographs (captioned) showing aircraft in flight; nose art on B-24s 'Modest Maiden' and 'Flying Jackass'; the Buchanan Arms (a rest home near Buchanan Castle, Scotland); aerial views of an airbase, including the inside of a Nissen hut; the bombed remains of a bridge near Wesel, Germany, and dropping supplies to ground troops, 24 March 1945.