Research on collision of B-24 'Pleasant Surprise II' (MC 371/714, USF 4/1)
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Research on collision of B-24 'Pleasant Surprise II'


MC 371/714, USF 4/1

19 papers

25 Mar 1945-29 Jul 1991

392nd Bomb Group

Charles A. Bird

Images 007, 015 and 023 contain redacted information.

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Photocopies of Charles A. Bird's research records relating to the mid-air collision of aircraft no. 42-50804, 'Pleasant Surprise II', and aircraft 42-51340, at Buxton Lammas, 25 March 1945. Includes original correspondence; sketch maps; annotated composite site photographs, taken 31 May 1951; a transcription of the mid-air collision report; short article written on the 50th anniversary reunion, in which Charles Bird mentions some small items of wreckage he had collected from the crash site, and a letter from Norfolk Constabulary regarding the destruction of a Colt pistol, 1988.