Recorded memoir of Robert Dubowsky (MC 371/882/19)
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Recorded memoir of Robert Dubowsky


MC 371/882/19

1 audio cassette (Sony LNX 60)

19 Feb 1983

44th Bomb Group

Robert Dubowsky

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[00:00-05:00] Remarks on background to the recordings and his enlistment, September 1942. Describes training: pilot classification, National, Tennessee; Maxwell Field, Alabama; Souther Field, Americus, Georgia and Cochran Field, Macon, Georgia; anecdote about aviator Charles A. [? Lindberg] at Americus; graduation as 2nd Lieutenant, 5 December 1943 and anecdotes about primary flight training. Describes journey from Massachusetts to Shipdham via Iceland, Valley in Wales and Stone [?Staffordshire]. Describes places visited in Britain and relationships with British people. [05:00-10:00] Continues about places visited, including Red Cross Club, Norwich and London. Mentions transfer to 66th Squadron as co-pilot, September 1944 and training, Northern Ireland. Mission summary: St Lo, France; Hamburg, Germany; Best, Netherlands and Dresden, Germany. Describes thirty-third mission, Dresden. [10:00-15:00] Dresden mission continued: crew bailing out and landing in recently liberated Alsace-Lorraine, France. [15:00-20:00] Dresden mission continued: French women taking parachute nylon for clothes; taken to 95th Evacuation Hospital, Saverne, France, by American Indian soldiers. Mentions journey through mine field. Describes hospital and journey to Nancy, France. [20:00-25:00] Describes arrival at Shipdham, England. Mentions mission, 19 March and 'milkrun' [quiet mission], 21 March. Mentions donation, including parachute, to Memorial Library. Describes thirty-third mission: Captain Pete Henry and diversion to Orly airfield, near Paris. Recorded on side A only.