Recorded memoir of Arthur Lyle Prichard (MC 371/882/2)
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Recorded memoir of Arthur Lyle Prichard


MC 371/882/2

1 audio cassette (Memorex MRX2 Oxide 60)

nd [c 1985]

467th Bomb Group

Arthur Lyle Prichard

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[00:00-05:00] Comments on enlisting, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1942. Describes training: classification as pilot trainee, Nashville, Tennessee; primary flight training, Florida; basic flying school, including story about mid-air collision, Gunter Field, Montgomery, Alabama, and advanced training, George Field, Illinois. [05:00-10:00] Training continued: assigned as co-pilot to Charles W. Grace on a B-24 aeroplane, Boise, Idaho. Comments on transfer to Wendover, Utah, including bleakness of the base and anecdote about engine failure on practice flight. Describes journey to Britain flying the southern route [via Trinidad; Brazil, South America and Dakar, Marrakech and Morocco, Africa] arriving in Valley, Wales. Describes airbase at Rackheath and comments on English countryside. [10:00-15:00] Comments on the English people and having little chance to meet local families. Describes his friendship with Charles W. Grace and a British officer, Bill Giles. Summarizes his missions, including variety of targets such as oil installations and marshalling yards. Comments on their new aeroplane, 'Gerocko', and combat record of the aeroplane 'Wichcraft.' Remarks on landing in France on a mission, 12 June 1944, and being given rest leave on return to Rackheath. [15:00-20:00] Rest leave continued: watching cricket for first time. Comments on sightseeing visits to London, formation of the 467th Bomb Group and the character of Col Albert J. Shower. Describes memorable missions: first mission, Aschersleben, Germany: flying position of 'tail-end Charlie' and attack by German fighter unit nicknamed the 'Abbeville Kids'; oil storage areas, Hamburg, Germany; Evreux, France, 12 June 1944, including damage to aeroplane engines. [20:00-25:00] Evereux mission continued: P-51 fighter support and landing at airstrip in France. [25:00-30:00] Comments on being the first four-engine bomber to land on French soil. Mentions his return to the United States and discharge from service. Names some crew members: Art [Arthur] Kirsis (bombardier); Robert Troy (radio operator); Sgt Carchietta (killed in action with another crew); George Morgan (ball-turret gunner); Robert Wyatt and Edward Smith. Recorded on side A only. For transcript, see MC 371/486.