Recorded memoir of Phillip G. Day, master recording (side A of cassette) (MC 371/882/28/1)
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Recorded memoir of Phillip G. Day, master recording (side A of cassette)


MC 371/882/28/1

1 side of audio cassette

21 Feb 1983

467th Bomb Group

Phillip G. Day

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[00:00-05:00] Comments on his background and education, Louisiana, enlisting on the aviation cadet programme and marriage, 19 May 1944. Mentions writing book of his memoirs, 'The Saga of a Reluctant Co-pilot.' Summarizes his pilot training in western United States, graduating as second lieutenant, 12 March 1944. Names his crew: William A. Johnston (pilot); Harris Burstyn (navigator); Walter Chappas (bombardier); Hugh Cunningham (engineer and upper-turret gunner); Toby A. Codova (radio operator); Marcus Bennett (armourer and waist-gunner); Jack Ripley (waist-gunner); Remo Romboletti (top-turret gunner) and Warren G. Roebuck (tail-gunner). [05:00-10:00] Comments on replacement crew training, Tonopah, Nevada, journey to Britain by ship, combat training in Northern Ireland and transfer to 791st Squadron, Rackheath. Describes accident during practice mission, 16 August [?1944], reassignment of Hugh Cunningham and his replacement on crew by Hugh F. ?Hacket. Comments on combat missions and crew changes: his first mission, aeroplane engine plant, Metz, France, 18 August, and their bombardier transferred to a lead crew. [10:00-15:00] Comments on flying aeroplane, 'Lil' Peach' and transfer to 789th Squadron. Describes flying nine combat missions, followed by flying fuel and supplies to France, 12 September-3 October [1944]. Comments on combat missions flown from 5 October [1944] including airfield, Paderborn, Germany. Remarks on rest leave, Taunton, [Somerset] February 1945, followed by his last five missions. [15:00-20:00] Comments on his worst mission, oil refinery, Hamburg, Germany, including visual bombing through cloud and mission to the Ardennes forest area, 24 December 1944. Anecdotes about missions. Comments on his choice not to pilot his own crew and acting as co-pilot for new crews on their first mission. Remarks on finishing his missions, 21 March 1945, and journey back to the United States by ship. [20:00-25:00] Describes trips to London and Norwich. Comments on lack of time in training to make close friendships and his feelings about being in military service. For a copy of this recording, with minor variations, originally on side B of the cassette, see MC 371/882/28/2.