Presentation commentary used in 2nd Air Division Memorial Room (MC 371/884/1)
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Presentation commentary used in 2nd Air Division Memorial Room


MC 371/884/1

1 audio cassette (BASEF SM 90)


2nd Air Division Memorial Library/2nd Air Division Memorial Room presentation commentary

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[00:00-05:00] Describes history of 2nd Air Division. Comments on 2nd Air Division bases in Norfolk and North East Suffolk, B-24 aeroplanes and layout of a typical station. Explains structure and size of Groups and Squadrons, including Fighter Groups. Comments on relationship between East Anglian people and Americans: servicemen visiting local towns, hosting parties for children and relationships with British women. Comments on statistics, including number of combat missions flown and men killed or wounded in action. Describes founding of 2nd Air Division Memorial, role of General William E. Kepner in starting the fund and establishment of 2nd Air Division Memorial Trust. [05:00-06:30] Comments on memorial continued, including dedication of memorial room, 13 June 1963 and 2nd Air Division reunions in Norwich. Recorded on side A only. Duplicate copies are numbered MC 371/884/2-6. For accompanying slides, see MC 371/884/7. For tape inserts, see MC 376/431/18-23.