Recorded memoirs of Charles Domek, part three of four (side A of second cassette) (MC 376/222/1)
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Recorded memoirs of Charles Domek, part three of four (side A of second cassette)


MC 376/222/1

1 side of audio cassette

nd [c 1985]

458th Bomb Group

Charles Domek

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For preceding recording, see MC 376/221/2. [00:00-05:00] Sixteenth mission, 11 December 1944, continued: briefing and fear of German fighter attacks. Describes seventeenth mission, Hanau, Germany: rockets and phosphorus bombs fired at them; aeroplane damage and fighter support. Describes eighteenth mission, Hanau, Germany, 12 December 1944. [05:00-10:00] Eighteenth mission continued: landing problems due to fog. Describes recalled mission and his toughest mission to Schonecken, Germany, part of the Battle of the Bulge [16 December 1944-25 January 1945]. [10:00-15:00] Mission continued: low altitude flying; following ditching procedures and emergency landing, Woodbridge, England. Describes twentieth mission, marshalling yards, Neunkirchen, Germany. [15:00-20:00] Mission continued. Describes twenty-first mission, bridge on River Rhine, 2 January 1945 and mission to Stadtkyll, Germany, supporting ground troops. [20:00-25:00] Mission continued. Describes twenty-fourth mission: oil refinery, Hallerndorf, Germany, formerly Goering's steel works, 15 January 1945. [25:00-30:00] Mission continued: heavy flak and comments on aeroplane from 753th Squadron crashing in Norwich, killing two children [crash of B-24 'Lassie Come Home, 14 January 1945]. Describes twenty-fifth mission, oil refinery, Magdeburg, Germany. [30:00-35:00] Mission continued. Describes missions to German marshalling yards, Munster, 29 January 1945, and Magdeburg, 6 February 1945, to disrupt transportation. Mentions role of escaped prisoners of war in providing intelligence about a German oil shortage. [35:00-40:00] Comments on aborted mission to Magdeburg, 9 February 1945, due to engine problems. [40:00-45:00] Aborted mission continued. Describes his twenty-eighth mission, Osnabruck, Germany, 16 February 1945, a recalled mission to Nuremberg, Germany, 20 February 1945, and mission to Nuremberg, 21 February 1945. For continuation recording, see MC 376/222/2.