Propaganda (MC 376/271, USF 19/4)
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MC 376/271, USF 19/4

13 papers

nd [1943-1945]

General documents relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division

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Propaganda pamphlets (in German with translations) 'Frontsoldat: Frage die Heimat' ('Front Soldier: Ask the Homeland'); 'Nachtrichten fur die Truppe' ('Newspaper for the Troops. Headlines'), 11 December 1944; 'Soldaten Antworten' ('Soldiers Answer'); 'Bericht Aus Westdeutschland' ('Report out of West Germany'); 'Anweisung zum Selbstschutz der Zivilbevolkerung' ('Instruction for Protection of the Civilian Population'); 'Verteidiger von Aachen!' ('Defenders of Aachen').