Photographs showing nose art from aircraft (MC 376/352/1-101, USF PH 23/3)
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Photographs showing nose art from aircraft


MC 376/352/1-101, USF PH 23/3

101 photographs

16 Jul 1944-23 Sep 1944

Multiple bomb groups and other units

William Wade Lemmons

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392nd Bomb Group: 'My Diversion', 'Late Date', 'The Flak Ducker', 'Bland's Baby', 'El Lobo', 'Pregnant Peg', 'Rose of Juarez', 'Double Trouble' and 'Alfred II' (9 photographs). 467th Bomb Group: 'Miss Fortune', 'Epluribus Aluminum', 'Perils of Pauline', 'Lil Peach' and 'Flak Magnet II' (6 photographs). 491st Bomb Group: 'I'll be Around', 'Thunderbird', 'Lambsy Divey', 'Little Joe', 'The Moose', 'Herk's Jerks', 'Ark Angel', 'Firebird', 'Wham! Bam! Thank you Mam', 'Mah Aikin Back', 'Little Beaver', 'Back to the Sack', 'Rage in Heaven', 'She Devil', 'Tally', 'Jail Bait', 'Hare Power', 'Time's a Wastin', 'Slo Freight', 'Tung Hoi', 'Section 8', 'Grease Ball', 'Ponderous Pachyderm', 'Carousin' Cock' and 'Buzz Tubarao' (28 photographs). 389th Bomb Group: 'The Little Gramper', 'The Sad Sack', 'Sweet Revenge', 'Pot Luck', 'Mistah Chick', 'Swee' Pea', 'Yankee Rebel', 'Sac Warmer', 'Top Drawers', 'Pugnacious Princess Pat', 'Nuff Sed', 'Earthquake McGoon', Round Trip Ticket', 'Delectable Doris', 'Skylark', 'Heavy Date', 'Princess Konocti', 'Miss America', 'Yours Truly', 'Fightin' Sam', 'The Vultures', 'D-Day Patches', 'Miss Liberty', 'Old Glory', 'Shazam', 'Naughty Norma', 'Southern Queen IV', 'Swee' Pea II', 'Ole Irish', 'Jackass Male', 'Touch of Texas', 'Heavy Date', 'Lucky Lady Betty', 'Wicked Widget III', 'The Flying Red Head' and 'Skylark' (39 photographs). Unknown Bomb Groups: 'European Clipper', 'Ready and Willing', 'Kansas City Kitty', 'Wynn Our Little Lad', 'Tondalayo', 'Spotted Ape' assembly aircraft, 'Satan's Sister', 'What's Cookin'? Doc', 'Lady Hell' and 'Yardbird' (19 photographs).