Recorded interview of Russell Gordon Gower by Peter Foulsham (MC 376/502a)
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Recorded interview of Russell Gordon Gower by Peter Foulsham


MC 376/502a

1 compact cassette

nd [1998]

2nd Air Division Memorial Library/Oral History Project

Peter Foulsham, Russell Gordon Gower

Music at start and end of recording (00mn 03s to 00mn 40s and 22mn 00s to 22mn 34s) have been redacted because of rights issues.

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Gower outlines his background living at Blyford Woods, near Halesworth airbase, and working on the airbase with the Air Ministry Works Department in the electrical workshops, 1942-1946. Outlines his duties, working primarily with lighting repairs. Talks about witnessing the arrival and departure of the 56th Fighter Group, 489th Bomb Group, Air/Sea Rescue and the Fleet Air Arm from Halesworth airfield. Refers to the bracelets made from threepenny pieces by the electrician which were popular with the American servicemen. Recorded on side A only. For tape insert, see MC 376/502b. For administrative paperwork related to this interview, see MC 376/512. For partial transcript, see MC 376/513.