Recorded interview of Miriam Riches and Joyce Marsham by Peter Foulsham (MC 376/505a)
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Recorded interview of Miriam Riches and Joyce Marsham by Peter Foulsham


MC 376/505a

1 compact cassette

nd [1998]

2nd Air Division Memorial Library/Oral History Project

Peter Foulsham, Miriam Riches, Joyce Marsham

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Starts and finishes with Glenn Miller's 'String of Pearls'. Peter Foulsham discusses various subjects with Miriam Riches and Joyce Marsham, including rationing and American attitudes, including Riches talking about benefits of being on a farm. Riches talks about the Farmers' Union making contact and taking in three American servicemen at Christmas, including Gordon Douglas with whom she kept in contact. Riches and Marsham talk about attending dances at airbases on Thursday evenings and about the airbase canteen. General discussion about American servicemen's attitudes to women and GI brides. Both recall seeing a B-24 crash onto the road and about nose art on the aircraft. Foulsham gives an anecdote about his cousin [unnamed] who was a GI bride being painted as nose art. Short comments about Glenn Miller being on the airbase and local civilians working on airbase. Discussion about cycling, dancing and entertainment, and general impact of the American's presence. Riches talks about keeping in touch with veterans. Both recall instances of enemy attacks including German fighter fire on Riches's father's farm, finding an unexploded incendiary bomb, doodlebugs and aeroplane crashes. Both recall sheltering from air raids, including Riches's account of an air raid in Norwich. General discussion about available transport to and from airbases. General discussion about friendliness of Americans. Riches remembers her family: one brother was killed in Benghasi and one became a prisoner of war. Riches describes Christmas with the Americans and recalls a trip to London with a reflection on changing feelings of safety. Recorded on side A only. For tape insert, see MC 376/505b. For administrative records relating to interview, see MC 376/512.