Recorded interview of Canon E. McBride by Peter Foulsham (MC 376/507a)
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Recorded interview of Canon E. McBride by Peter Foulsham


MC 376/507a

1 compact cassette

nd [1998]

2nd Air Division Memorial Library/Oral History Project

Peter Foulsham, Canon E. McBride

Music of Glen Miller at start and end of recording (00mn 01s to 00mn 26s and 15mn 44s to 16mn 17s) has been redacted for copyright reasons.

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Starts and finishes with Glenn Miller's 'String of Pearls'. Canon McBride talks about number of curates and parish priests and standing in for chaplain at Rackheath. Story about attending Lt Smitt's mission completion party. Describes first time administering the sacrament to the Catholic crew members of an aircraft which had crash-landed and subsequent contact with one crew member's family. Talks about American and British servicemen who attended services at St John's Catholic Church [now the Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Norwich]. Talks about the American Catholic chaplain Father Collins at Attlebridge, who was ordained in New York but had family in Ireland and providing a means of communication. Description of communication difficulties with America. Discussion of American's impact locally and their friendly attitudes, with reference to fondness for children and throwing parties for children and old age pensioners at Christmas. Also referes to their generosity towards a local convent. General comments on the convent. Describes a near miss by a B-24 which nearly hit the top of St John's Cathedral, but crashed on road metal store near station. Describes officiating at GI weddings and general discussion about GI brides, with reference to Jordan Uttal's marriage. Recorded on side A only. For tape insert, see MC 376/507b. For administrative records relating to interview, see MC 376/512. For typescript summary, see MC 376/513.