Unnamed veterans' visit to Norfolk and mainland Europe, part 4 of 4 (side B of second cassette) (MC 376/521/2/2)
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Unnamed veterans' visit to Norfolk and mainland Europe, part 4 of 4 (side B of second cassette)


MC 376/521/2/2

1 side of audio cassette


2nd Air Division Memorial Library/Sound recordings collected by the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library

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Recording made of a conducted tour of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library by Phyllis DuBois and to the Netherlands as part of a Bomb Group reunion in Europe. The majority of the recording was made on microcassettes, which were later copied on to compact cassettes, with commentary. Phyllis DuBois describing the Library, the Memorial Library Trust, and her own work, with general comments on the impact of Americans locally. Conclusion of Phyllis DuBois' tour followed by discussions led by Tony North including his wartime memories and personal involvement with the 2nd Air Division Association and the Memorial Library. Includes short discussions about James Stewart, bomb groups, organization and tactics, and fighter groups. Discussion of memorabilia on exhibition and the Roll of Honor, including looking up uncle [Neal M.] Lenti. Description of VE day parties. Discussions led by Tony North including his wartime memories, aircraft observations and being called in for questioning by the Military Police over his notebook. Discussion about naming and painting of nose art. Also includes discussion of tour itinerary. Includes part of a discussion about an [unidentified] air crash near Wendling by an [unidentified] English man. Includes short recording made in the Netherlands during continental part of tour to see marches, including jazz vocalists. Discussion between one of the tour party [Bill] and Rupert [surname not given] at the World's End Tavern about wartime service and memories with a bomber flypast. Concludes with a recording made during a visit to Hethel airfield and control tower museum featuring a conversation with Mrs Peacock about her farm, mentioning Wesley Freeman of the 44th Bomb Group and wartime entertainment in Norwich. General discussion of jetlag and photographing Norwich market, with general conversation about cameras. Frances Sullivan talks about the establishment of the Wymondham branch of the Norfolk Naturalists. Recordings made by Jim (surname not given) who served for 3 years at Shepherd's Grove near Diss in the early 1950s. Neal M. Lenti served in the 389th Bomb Group. This description relates to all four recordings of the tour. For preceding part of the recording, see MC 376/521/2/1.