Recorded memoir of Bob Swift, part 1 of 2 (side A of cassette) (MC 376/524/1)
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Recorded memoir of Bob Swift, part 1 of 2 (side A of cassette)


MC 376/524/1

1 side of compact cassette


2nd Air Division Memorial Library/Sound recordings collected by the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library

Bob Swift

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Relates to Swift's experiences in a German prisoner-of-war camp during the Second World War. Detailed description of mission to Berlin, 6 March 1944: aircraft being hit by flak, helping injured crewmate Egan, bailing-out and crash-landing of aircraft in the Netherlands. Detailed description of capture by the Dutch Home Guard, near Tubbergen, and time as a prisoner of war including Dulag Luft interrogation centre; Stalag Luft I; transportation between camps; conditions in the camp; receipt of Red Cross parcels and meals at the camp. Describes the end of his prisoner of war experience with disappearance of the German guards when the Russians were approaching, 1 May 1945, and flight out on a B-17 on 20 May 1945. Describes readjusting to life outside the prison camp and returning to the United States, with a 30 day leave pass and separation. Describes return visit to the Netherlands in 1990, during which he met with Martin Klausen who took him to the crash site, with reflections on the war memorial tended by the people of Barth. For continuation recording, see MC 376/524/2. For related telegrams and correspondence, see MC 371/420.