Interview of Mrs Hovells by Dick Wickham (MC 376/571)
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Interview of Mrs Hovells by Dick Wickham


MC 376/571

1 microcassette

nd [late 1980s]

General documents relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division/Wartime Norfolk/Dick Wickham's recordings of Norfolk residents

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Describes personal experiences of the Metfield bomb dump explosion, 15 July 1944; German fighter intrusion [22 April 1944, 'Night of the Intruders'] and Doodlebug [V-1 'buzz bomb'] near the Royal Oak pub. Recalls an anti-aircraft post nearby, which later became a mobile unit. Discussion of Doodlebugs. Story of brother in law's experience of a bomb dropped near the Lowestoft road, near Gorleston, hitting the railway station. Discussion of formation flying, including description of assembly ship. Recalls personal experience of German machine gun fire. Reflects on the nature of the Home Guard, describing some of its members [not named]. Discussion of local defensive measures including pillboxes and ineffective anti-tank defences. Givers general impressions of people during wartime. Story of train driver confusing German fighter attempting to target Birmingham railways and Birmingham oil drums fires as defensive measures. Dick Wickham describes his interest in people's memories for book. Describes an ARP and Special Constable medical training exercise which used local volunteers as casualties. Discussion of evacuees: difficulties with a boy and girl from Chadwell Heath; informal arrangements for children staying with family; separate evacuee register at school and a hostel for mothers and babies. Recorded on side A only.