Memorial Library Corrections to the 2nd Air Division Roll of Honor (MC 376/626, USF 20/11)
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Memorial Library Corrections to the 2nd Air Division Roll of Honor


MC 376/626, USF 20/11

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2nd Air Division Memorial Library/Re-creation of the 2nd Air Division Roll of Honor

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Papers relating to the investigation of known errors in the Roll of Honor. Includes list of errors and copies of official documents such as movement orders, casualty reports and other records from the National Archives and Record Administration War Department Files which were used to resolve the queries. Primarily relates to individuals from the 389th Bomb Group. The research papers relate to investigations into corrections for: S/Sgt Llewellyn Brumbaugh (389th Bomb Group). 1st Lt Clifford E. Galley (389th Bomb Group). S/Sgt Kenneth M. Berry (389th Bomb Group). 1st Lt Preston W. Campbell, Jun. (458th Bomb Group). Rawland Campbell (389th Bomb Group). 2nd Lt Forrest W. Stewart (389th Bomb Group). 2nd Lt Albert Joblonicky (389th Bomb Group). S/Sgt James J. D'Amore (389th Bomb Group). John Mc Graw crew (1st Lt John J. McGraw, 2nd Lt Robert J. Senff, 2nd Lt George P. Giblin, T/Sgt Albert H. Wilmes, S/Sgt Julius A. Kish, S/Sgt James A. Utley, S/Sgt William P. Sheridan) (389th Bomb Group). 2nd Lt Ernest R. Brown (389th Bomb Group). Sgt Jacob W. Handelman. James J. O'Brien crew (S/Sgt J.V. Champion, T/Sgt Millard E. Conley, T/Sgt Charles M. Dawes, Cpl Charles H. Espie, Cpl Robert C. Hopke, T/Sgt Theodore L. Karman, Sgt Michael M. Kramer, 1st Lt William H. Liming, S/Sgt Thomas L. Magnuson, F/O Archibald McNeil, S/Sgt Jack W. Moss, 1st Lt James O'Brien and Pvt Marion B. Scarberry) (389th Bomb Group). T/Sgt Chester D. Conrad, Sgt Raymond J. Ruth and T/Sgt Gildo J. Uliana (389th Bomb Group). Pvt. Leo T. Gallagher (389th Bomb Group). Cpl Gordon F. Miller (389th Bomb Group). 1st Lt Cecil Schrader and Maj Robert R. Egan (389th Bomb Group). Sgt Clarence K. Smith (389th Bomb Group). Capt. Earl O. Wilden (389th Bomb Group). F/O. John Y. Davis and T/Sgt Howard G. Ringer (389th Bomb Group). Pfc. Lloyd J. Deslatte. S/Sgt Alfred E. Poitras, T/Sgt Charles W. Speece and 2nd Lt Sherwood V. Williams (389th Bomb Group).