Photographs (MC 376/475/1, USF PH 6/3)
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MC 376/475/1, USF PH 6/3

27 photographs

15 Dec 1943-20 May 1945

446th Bomb Group

Cornelius Lowe

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Includes a collection of reprints of photographs and photographic reproductions of postcards and letters. Contains postcards showing the lake, Hall, hospital, Station Road, St Mary's church, and train station at Ditchingham; the Royal family; the Cathedral, Castle, Pulls Ferry, market, Elm Hill, City Hall and Bishop's Bridge in Norwich; the American Red Cross Clubmobile (21 postcards). Photographs include Cornelius Lowe, personnel at leisure on and around the airbase, personnel with two English policemen and personnel with a train (15 photographs). Also contains three V-mail letters sent home, 15 December 1943, 16 March 1944 and 22 December 1944.