Recorded memoir of William S. Jameson, part 1 of 2 (side A) (MC 371/882/42/1)
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Recorded memoir of William S. Jameson, part 1 of 2 (side A)


MC 371/882/42/1

1 side of audio cassette

nd [c 1985]

458th Bomb Group

William S. Jameson

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[00:00-05:00] Summarizes his service in 458th Bomb Group: enlisting, classification and completing training as an aeroplane mechanic, 13 January 1943. Comments on service as a mechanic on aeroplanes used for pilot training and anecdotes about training incidents. Remarks on re-applying for air cadet training and classification as a navigator. [05:00-10:00] Describes navigator training, aerial gunnery training, Fort Myers, Florida, and graduation as a navigator, 15 January 1944. Comments on operational combat crew training, Tonopah, Nevada, February 1944. [10:00-15:00] Training continued. Names his crew: Frank C. Fuson (pilot); William J. Kottowicz (co-pilot); Fielding L. Washington (bombardier); Emilio DeBramo (radio operator) and Ulgere Simoneaux (engineer). Describes operational training, including anecdote about another crew which dropped practice bombs on a naval ammunition dump by mistake. Describes crew's assignment to the Azon bomb [an early type of targeted bomb] project. [20:00-25:00] Describes Azon bomb, their departure for Karachi and redirection to England. [25:00-30:00] Comments on assignment of Azon crews to 753rd Squadron, 458th Bomb Group. Remarks on flying Azon missions and conclusions that this method of bombing was less effective than first thought. Comments on the character of the crew's pilot. [30:00-35:00] Comments on the pilot continued. Describes difficulty and dangers of fuel trucking missions to American and British troops in France, 26 August 1944-3 October 1944. [35:00-40:00] Anecdotes about incidents when staying in France overnight: French underground executing German collaborators and meeting caretaker of a British cemetery. Comments on the fates of other Azon crews. [40:00-46:49] Comments continued. Comments on his crew, their missions and medals they received. Part of the 2nd Air Division's Personal History Programme, December 1985. The 453rd Bomb Group's website at lists the gunners on the crew as Forest B. Large, Robert H. Bauch, William A. Harris and Charles H. King. For continuation recording, see MC 371/882/42/2.