Second World War Stories (MC 371/219, USF 4/6)
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Second World War Stories


MC 371/219, USF 4/6

91 papers

20th century

392nd Bomb Group

Myron Keilman

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Contains Myron Keilman's '392nd War Stories', a collection of stories as published in newsletters (54 pages); '392nd Bomb Group World War II Stories. Taped for Myron Keilman', a compilation of transcriptions of audio tapes: Charles Nuendorf, Bob Berger, Don Clover, Bill Long, Harry White and Roland Sabourin (45 pages); Myron Keilman, 'Lest We Forget', a series of stories for the 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association Newsletter, incorporating typed extracts from official correspondence and orders (16 pages).