Photographs and manuals (MC 376/201, USF 11/8)
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Photographs and manuals


MC 376/201, USF 11/8

7 photographs; 24 papers; 3 booklets

nd [1943-1945]

467th Bomb Group

Malcolm Macintire

Contains images of original records which are feint and therefore not fully legible.

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Photographs of the crew of the B-24 'Miss Judy' with Malcolm Macintire and crew members on bicycles; photographs of personnel; test paper on B-25 and P-38 type aircraft procedural manuals 'Joint Emergency Rescue Communications Procedure' and 'Joint Direction Finding Procedure'; training certificates and records; photographs of D-Day remembrance service at Arnhem cemetery, Nethernlands; plaque dedicated to Eisenhower in London; health record cards.