Recorded memoir of Homer Haile, part 2 of 2 (side B of cassette) (MC 371/882/22/2)
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Recorded memoir of Homer Haile, part 2 of 2 (side B of cassette)


MC 371/882/22/2

1 side of audio cassette

nd [c 1985]

489th Bomb Group

Homer Haile

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[00:00-05:00] Remarks on crew changes during their twenty-nine missions. Anecdote about Colonel Napier informing Group that they were finishing combat missions, November 1944. Describes missions flying supplies, to General Patton's troops in France, including Orleans, August 1944. Comments on nicknaming them 'flour' missions, having a sack of flour painted on their aeroplane after each mission and the attitude of Willie ?Walters and Lt Shamburger (co-pilot) to supply missions. [05:00-10:00] Remarks on Orleans airfield. Anecdote about stealing coal with John Vrlik (gunner) to heat their quarters at base. Remarks that Vrlik was Czech. Anecdote about George Evan's opinion of the new flak suits provided for their first mission. [10:00-15:00] Anecdote continued. Describes leisure activities: cinema, card games, 100th mission party and Red Cross girls at base; crew visiting pubs in Halesworth and George Evan's friendship with the ?Spindler family. Comments on journey back to the United States (US) by ship and reading newspaper reports about the Battle of the Bulge [16 December 1944-25 January 1945]. Describes B-29 training and remarks on the aeroplanes. [15:00-20:00] Comments on discharge from service, training provided by the Air Force and 2nd Air Division reunions. For preceding recording, see MC 371/882/22/1.