Recorded memoir of Clarence N. Chamberlain junior, part 1 of 2 (MC 371/882/33/1)
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Recorded memoir of Clarence N. Chamberlain junior, part 1 of 2


MC 371/882/33/1

1 side of audio cassette

nd [c 1985]

489th Bomb Group

Clarence N. Chamberlain

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Side A of original tape. Clarence Chamberlain, hereafter CC, says where he was born and brief details of education and motivation for enlisting. CC describes training as a pilot. He recalls name of fellow students, namely Jack Clowey (? John P. Clowry], Ralph Cotton, Carl Claytor, Joe Lawson and Jake Jacobs. CC then names his crew: Kenneth Burnett of Keosauqua, Iowa; Harry John Becker of Royal Oak, Michigan; Daniel J. Carter of Austin, Texas; Emilio Pontillo of New York; Tom J. Ambrose of Rome, Newark; Kenneth L. Gullekson of Wayne, Michigan; Chester W. Kidd of Charlotte, North Carolina; John E. Lancelot of ‘somewhere in the mid-West’; and Arthur J. Langstaff of Long Island, New York. Recalls two memorable training incidents, the first when they lost communication in poor weather and became lost, the second when they almost had a head on crash with another aircraft. Also mentions members of another crew, who were later assigned to 44th Bomb Group, with whom they were friendly; namely Cliff[ord] Bentcliff; Lo[well] Fiskum; and Lo[uis] Celentano all of whom were later killed in combat. For continuation recording, see MC 371/882/33/2. For transcript, see MC 371/585.