Correspondence from servicemen (MC 376/582, USF 19/5)
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Correspondence from servicemen


MC 376/582, USF 19/5

28 items (including 2 photographs)


General documents relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division

Mr M. Royal of Suffolk

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Personal letters from servicemen and their families during and post Second World War, mostly discussing their return to the United States. Includes two photographs of Eddlie and Jamsie Pell, sons of Chick Pell. Identifiable correspondents are: Pfc. Edward A. 'Chick' Pell, Benjamin Zesdorn, Cele Kennedy, Wib Hiserote, Ruth Sadlier, Sgt James E. Harling, and Sgt Marion S. Paciorek. Cele Kennedy is identified as the wife of Edward A. Pell. Most of the correspondence was sent to Harry and Ivy Royal and family by American servicemen during and post-Second World War.