Recorded interview of Jim Turner by Peter Foulsham (MC 376/500a)
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Recorded interview of Jim Turner by Peter Foulsham


MC 376/500a

1 compact cassette

nd [1998]

2nd Air Division Memorial Library/Oral History Project

Peter Foulsham, Jim Turner

Glen Miller music at start and end of recording (00mn 01s to 00mn 48s and 22mn 57s to 24mn 02s) has been redacted for rights reasons.

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Starts and finishes with Glenn Miller's 'String of Pearls'. Discussion between Jim Turner and Peter Foulsham. Jim Turner outlines his family background. Summarizes early occupation history of Seething airfield from small RAF contingent, maintenance crews and bomb group [448th Bomb Group]. Recalls airmen coming into the village and making friends with local families. Reflects on impressions of American servicemen based on films, newspapers and comics. Discussion about language differences, including anecdote about naming of the assembly ship 'You Can't Miss It' after an adopted saying and use of swearing. Talks about relationships between servicemen and English women, especially his sister in law who married an American flight engineer in 1946. Talks about American servicemen visiting pubs, beer rationing, servicemen hiding from Military Police patrols in pub. Reflects on asking Americans for chewing gum, sweets etc. Gives accounts of witnessing air crashes including fatal air crash at Seething, and a collision between a fighter and a bomber, and keeping souvenirs from crash sites. Summarizes history of the airfield after the USAAF left, including occupation by the Waveney Flying Group from the early 1960s, dedication of memorial on site in 1984 and subsequent restoration of the airfield and control tower, including a living memorial and museum. Mundham Garden House was the local pub during the war and was popular with American servicemen. Recorded on side A only. For insert, see MC 376/500b.