Recorded interview of Bob Barber and his wife (unnamed) by Dick Wickham, part 1 of 2 (side A of microcassette) (MC 376/565/1)
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Recorded interview of Bob Barber and his wife (unnamed) by Dick Wickham, part 1 of 2 (side A of microcassette)


MC 376/565/1

1 side of microcassette

nd [late 1980s]

General documents relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division/Wartime Norfolk/Dick Wickham's recordings of Norfolk residents

Dick Wickham, Bob Barber

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Most comments made by Bob Barber and Dick Wickham, with some contributions by Mrs Barber. Stories about first local Spitfire crash, Mustang crash near Gillingham, and B-24 crash at Brooke Farm which killed attending firemen. Describes land around airfield; getting rations on the airbase by wearing items of uniform given by crews; methods of gaining entry to airbase, and Doodlebug [V-1 'buzz bombs'] alerts. Discuss memories of John Goldsmith. Stories of American airmen of different nationalities with specific reference to a large Swedish-American [unnamed] who became a member of the Military Police after completing tour of duty. References to other aircraft types including Catalinas, Barracudas and Warwicks. Stories of German fighter incursion [22 April 1944, 'Night of the Intruders']; German aeroplane crash near Stockton; poaching trips; landmines dropped locally including descrition of local geography in the Thurleton-Raveningham-Stockton areas; machine gun fire incident which missed Mr Barber but hit his father in the elbow. Mrs Barber recalls air raids, shelters and eating iron rations. Comments on the large number of airfields in East Anglia. Stories of downed German bombers including one near North Cove, running from airman and Mrs Barber recalls a German airman's boot which was disaplyed in the local shop. Mr Barber was born c. 1930. For continuation recording, see MC 376/565/2a. See also MC 376/567 and MC 376/568 for interview of John Goldsmith.