Recorded interview of Tommy Dunger by Dick Wickham, part 2 of 2 (side B) (MC 376/570/2)
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Recorded interview of Tommy Dunger by Dick Wickham, part 2 of 2 (side B)


MC 376/570/2

1 microcassette (side B)

nd [late 1980s]

General documents relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division/Wartime Norfolk/Dick Wickham's recordings of Norfolk residents

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Dunger recalls attendance at a reunion in the United States. Talks about his Uncle's relationship with servicemen and visit to operations block. Discussion about remains of Rackheath airbase. Describes experience of the German fighter intrusion [22 April 1944, 'Night of the Intruders'] while he was a Home Guard messenger during a training exercise with the 470th support combat unit, and disciplinary consequences of the event on servicemen. Recalls the B-24s 'Belle of the East', Bugs Bunny', 'Picadilly Lily', 'Shoo Shoo Baby', 'Lil Peach' and 'Double Trouble'. Story of George 'Harry' Hallidaye who flew on 'Shoo Shoo Baby' and suffered very bad frost bite which was treated at Mrs Aggie Curtis's house leading to the Group's nickname of 'Rackheath Aggies'. Also refers to a return visit of Hallidaye and an evacuee, Arthur Horne, who was living at the Curtis's house. General discussion about local evacuees. Briefly recalls the Bush family. For preceding recording, see MC 376/570/1. For another interview of Tommy Dunger by Dick Wickham, see MC 376/572/1.