Recorded interview of George Foster by Dick Wickham (side B of microcassette) (MC 376/572/2)
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Recorded interview of George Foster by Dick Wickham (side B of microcassette)


MC 376/572/2

1 side of microcassette

nd [late 1980s]

General documents relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division/Wartime Norfolk/Dick Wickham's recordings of Norfolk residents

Dick Wickham, Tommy Dunger

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Describes working as a handyman for the American Red Cross (ARC) Club at Holton airfield [also referred to as Halesworth airfield], part time on Sundays. Names Dorothy Ogden, Anne Trimble, Harold Taylor (in charge), Bob McKee (manager), Pat Kemp (handyman) as other staff at the ARC Club. Mentions main jobs including cleaning toilets and maintaining fires. Describes the arrangement of the club including quiet room and games room. Describes common foods enjoyed by Americans at the club. Describes 100th mission celebration with related anecdotes. Refers to seeing the Wolfpack flying aces. Mentions working for Billy Clements at Kings during the week, making tractors. Mentions local boy, Tony Kerrison, who was a mascot for the 489th Bomb Group. Describes the American's departure from the base and distribution of Christmas foodstuffs they could not transport. Talks about the arrival of the RAF Air Sea Rescue and change in working practice. Describes briefly the accommodation of the ARC female workers, naming Eleanor Farr, Eleanor Arrowsmith and Peggy Poppy. Describes hearing a Doodlebug, which Dick Wickham suggests may be the same as the one heard by Mrs Hovells. Dick Wickham refers to interview with Tommy Dunger in relation to the bringing in and returning of local women to dances on airbase. Story about armed guards on the Beccles road stopping and searching people. For Mrs Hovell's interview and Tommy Dunger's interview, as referred to in inteview see MC 376/571 and MC 376/570 respectively.