Manuals and other documents (MC 376/397/1, USF 4/6)
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Manuals and other documents


MC 376/397/1, USF 4/6

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392nd Bomb Group

Myron Keilman

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'Short Bursts' vol. 1, no. 9 (Headquarters Operational Analysis Section, March 1945); original lowerclass regulations and customs; 'Throttle-ology. Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation' (San Diego, 1945); 'Squadron Duties of Junior Officers' (Headquarters, Kelly Field, Texas, 4 October 1939); 'Lead Crew 2nd BD Manual', with manuscript notes by Capt. A.B. Alexander inserted; 'Manual For Lead Crews' (Headquarters, October 1943); 'History of the Army Air Forces 1907-1947' (Air Defense Command, Mitchel Field, New York, 2 July 1947). Also contains other documents including a checklist for seasonal care of aircraft, bomb squadron organisation charts, 330th Bomb Group flying schedule, programme for football banquet with team photograph, 6 December 1944, and correspondence relating to inclusion of articles in the 392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association journal.