Recorded memoir of Richard Brown (MC 376/484/2, AC2)
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Recorded memoir of Richard Brown


MC 376/484/2, AC2

1 audio cassette

Sep 2001

453rd Bomb Group

Richard Brown

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Richard Brown recalls his training in the United States and Ireland. Describes a typical mission day. Refers to leave passes and visits to London and a 'flak home' in Scotland. Reflects on personal changes in attitude following wartime experiences as an 18 year old and comments on rarely feeling in danger. Remarks on experience of seeing V2 rocket and 'buzz bombs' in London and his admiration for the English people in wartime. Makes comments in relation to the terrorism situation in the United States in 2001. Recalls a wartime stay in Paris with his crew and use of Francs from their emergency packs to pay for hotels. Remarks on the crew being listed as missing in action during this time. Recalls his final mission as being the most frightening: describes sensation of being hit by flak when wearing a flak jacket and shrapnel which destroyed his parachute. Recorded on side A only.