Correspondence and publications (MC 376/194, USF 11/5)
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Correspondence and publications


MC 376/194, USF 11/5

97 papers


467th Bomb Group

Phillip G. Day

Images 002, 005, 008, 032, 038 and 043 contain redacted information.

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1) Photocopy of a letter from Tommy Dungar to Phillip G. Day as printed in 'Poop From Group', 1 March 1994, describing the Rackheath Christmas party, 1944, and air crashes, including the 29 December 1944 mission and a German land mine landing at Felminham, 16 September 1943 (2 papers). 2) Photocopy of an article by Joe Diblin, 'Controlled Crash: Back in the Pilot's Seat', recalling an airshow and bringing in the B-24 'All American' for a landing, 1996 (4 papers). 3) Photocopy of a letter to John Woolnough, editor of the '8th Air Force News', providing wartime memories by Doyle Courington (undated, 4 papers). 4) Letters from James Anslow to Phillip G. Day, 11 October 1988, and Gilbert Millar, 27 June 1988, giving information about escape and evasion. 5) Photocopy of a published account (publication details unknown) by J.C. Ramsdell and Merle Hess about a mission to Berlin, Germany, on the B-24 'Everythin's Jake', which was hit by flak, 18 March 1945 (2 papers). 6) Information on the B-24 'Witchcraft' by Perry Watts (4 papers). 7) Poem by Paul J. Kuchinski, 'Thoughts of an Aerial Gunner/Flight Engineer During WWII' (4 papers). 8) Allen Welters, 'Another Slice of Hamm: From the Ground Up' an account of 'The Night of the Intruders' (22 April 1944) from a ground crew's perspective (3 papers). 9) '789th Squadron Engineering Personnel Performance': typed information on ground crews (1 paper). 10) Kenneth H. Driscoll, 'Memories of an 8th Air Force B-24 Pilot', a short wartime memoir, 27 April 1992 (15 papers). 11) Article by Kenneth H. Driscoll, 'Did You Know That the 8th Air Force Had Two 492nd Bomb Groups and Two 788th Squadrons?', November 1992 (6 papers). 12) Malory J. Norwood, 'A Circle of Friends', an account of his friendship with the Jones family of Stanninghall, 1983 (12 papers). 13) Frederick R. Porter's memories of learning to play cricket (3 papers). 14) Adam Soccio, 'The Story of the 467th', a memoir (4 papers). 15) Letter from Edward W. King to Losse T. Piland giving his memories of the B-24 'Massilon Tiger', 2 September 1990 (7 papers). 16) Letter to Andy Wilkinson from Clem Plaskiewicz giving his memories of a crash, 29 December 1944 (4 papers). 17) Letter from Victor T. Bakan to Andy Wilkinson regarding a crash, 29 December 1944, 12 January 1997 (1 paper). 18) Article by James J. Murphy, 'Miracles Thicker Than Fog on Flight of No. 10607' in Senior Spectrum Weekly (1 January 1992) about the crash on 29 December 1944 (2 papers). 19) Frederick R. Porter, 'Random Memories of a 901', memoir (7 papers). 20) Typed memories of the 29 December 1944 crash by Edward J. Ferrara (2 papers).