Correspondence, poetry and biographies (MC 376/451, USF 3/3)
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Correspondence, poetry and biographies


MC 376/451, USF 3/3

53 papers


389th Bomb Group

Alfred Della Rocco

Images 001 and 030 contain redacted information. Poems not included for copyright reasons.

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Photocopy of a letter from Jonathan Smith to Alfred Della Rocco; copy of a press release regarding the actor Joe Crenshaw, sent by Carswell Air Force Base, Texas, 10 June 1967; typed list of humourous sayings, promises and a poem about going on a mission by Booker T. Washington, 'Yo Ain't...Yo is'. Also contains a compilation of post-war biographies and memoirs (by Jack C. Pruitt, Conrad Hartsch, Robert Downs Brient, Alfred Della Rocco, Paul J. Whaley, William G. Wilkie and Davis Lynn) dedicated to Stanley A. Spencer and Aime J. Blanchette, 7 June 1984, containing copies of special orders.