Programmes, photographs and news cuttings (MC 376/52, USF 2/5)
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Programmes, photographs and news cuttings


MC 376/52, USF 2/5

91 papers; 1 volume

16 Nov 1942-14 Aug 1944

93rd Bomb Group

Jack Feingold

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Programmes for the 93rd Bomb Group's celebrations (eight photocopies, one original). Programmes for the Theatre Royal, Norwich, 10 July 1944, 31 July 1944 and 14 August 1944. Visitor guide, 'Norwich. The City of Antiquities. Official Guide'. Photocopies of 'The Liberator' (16 November 1942) and 'The Stars and Stripes' (7 June 1944). Original edition of 'The Liberator' (28 December 1942). Photocopies of combat flight records, April-June 1944. Photocopied photographs of Jack Feingold, Ben Madamba, Whitfield Brooke, Miller and George Harlow, to be carried in case they were shot-down or captured. Drawings of 445th Bomb Group aircraft, with notes on the crews of Lt Dana, Lt Pavelka, Lt Rowland, Lt Menaker, Lt Sefton, Lt Gray, Lt Shurtz, Lt Looney, Lt Allen and Lt Madden.