News cuttings (MC 371/376, USF 8/1)
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News cuttings


MC 371/376, USF 8/1

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453rd Bomb Group

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Some images copyright of Archant (Eastern Evening News).

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R.J. Collis, 'Crashed and Burned. The fate of an Eighth Air Force Liberator and crew', Air Pictorial (November 1989); Derek James, 'Stars with a Soft Spot for Norwich', in 'Eastern Evening News' (3 January 1989) featuring Walter Matthau and James Stewart; two articles about a return visit to Norfolk by Charles Parker (unknown publications, 22 April 1983 and 27 April 1983); 'Making it to Thirty in the Eighth', recollections of the crew of the B-24 'Silent Yokum', (unknown and undated publication) and 'James Stewart', in 'The World War II Chronicle' (September/October 1989).