General information (MC 376/85, USF 4/3)
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General information


MC 376/85, USF 4/3

35 papers

9 Sep 1943-8 Jun 1992

392nd Bomb Group

Dennis Duffield

Contains images of Record Site plans, the originals of which are held by the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon. Joint Operation Graphic maps not included for copyright reasons.

Image Information

Airfield Record Site Plan; original blank V-Mail form; photocopies of two photographs showing the crash-landed B-24 no. 44-10528; loading lists for Delmar C. Johnson's 18 missions, 9 September 1943-18 March 1944; large Joint Operation Graphic-Air map, annotated to show the positions of 8th Air Force bases; order of a Thanksgiving service at Beeston church, Norfolk, 8 June 1992. Forms part of the records collected by Dennis Duffield.