Recorded memoir of Richard Kennedy (MC 371/882/10)
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Recorded memoir of Richard Kennedy


MC 371/882/10

1 audio cassette (TDK OD C60)

Feb 1983

448th Bomb Group

Richard Kennedy

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[00:00-05:00] Introduction: assignment to 448th Bomb Group, Seething, Norfolk. Describes military training: basic, St Petersburg, Florida; radio and technical, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; gunnery school, Fort Myers, Florida, and promotion to Staff Sergeant, Colombia, South Carolina. Mentions flying under Capt. Dean Davenport (a member of Gen. Jimmy Doolittle's 'Tokyo Raiders'); combat crew training, Wendover, Utah; Davis-Monthan, Arizona, and his opinion of B-24s. [05:00-10:00] Continues about B-24s. Describes flight to Britain, May 1944: Bangor, Maine; Goose Bay, Labrador [Canada]; Stornoway, Scotland and Valley, Wales. Anecdote about crew playing baseball in Iceland. Describes: training in Northern Ireland; arrival at Seething, 714th Squadron and welcome by Capt. Miller and Maj. ?Stringfellow; living conditions at base, including black-outs and removal of dead men's belongings. [10:00-15:00] Describes aborted missions: airfield, ?Bertingy, France, 25 June 1944; Munich, 26 June 1944. Describes first mission: railway tunnel, ?Creil, France, 27 June 1944. Compares England and United States, including remarks on his respect for English people. Describes missions: sixth, Saarbrucken, Germany; eighth, Munich, Germany and tenth, St Lo, France, supporting D-Day invasion. Lists other missions: Ludwigshafen, Germany; Orleans, France; ?Rostock, Germany; Fallersleben, Germany; ?Gustavsberg; Lens, France; Leon, France; Brussels, Belgium and Rouen, France. [15:00-20:00] Describes difficulty of missions from September 1944: flying at lower temperatures; attacking factories and oil refineries further into Germany and mentions Magdeburg, Hamm, Koblenz, Cologne, Ulm; Mainz, ?Hemmingstadt, ?Farshiem and Kassel. Lists final missions and end of tour, 9 November 1944: Hamm, Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen and Minden, Germany and Nancy/Metz, France. Describes radio relay operations for bomber command. Mentions: leaving England, February 1945; white cliffs of Dover and radio call sign for Seething base. [20:00-25:00] Continues about radio call sign. Recorded on side A only.