Recorded memoir of John W. Stanford, part 2 of 2 (side B of cassette) (MC 371/882/46/2)
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Recorded memoir of John W. Stanford, part 2 of 2 (side B of cassette)


MC 371/882/46/2

1 audio cassette (side B)

nd [c 1985]

448th Bomb Group

John W. Stanford

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[00:00-05:00] Reads account of his first mission, Magdeberg, Germany, 3 March 1945, from manuscript sent to Pat [Patricia] Everson for the history room at Seething control tower. Mentions early wake-up call, Ed Anderson, Hal [Harold] Goodman, their breakfast, including fresh eggs, and mission briefing. [05:00-10:00] Briefing continued. Comments on collection and contents of escape kits and their candy rations. Lists checks made on aeroplane 'Igris F. Fox.' [10:00-15:00] Names crew: Ed Anderson (pilot); Hal Goodman (navigator); Bruno Murski (engineer and top-turret gunner); Gil [Gilbert] Shenks (reserve engineer and waist-gunner); Jack [?John] Geratey (reserve radio operator and nose-turret gunner); Leon Stone (bottom-turret gunner) and Ken [Kenneth] Knowles (tail-turret gunner). Describes take-off for first mission and aeroplane formation. [15:00-20:00] Formation continued. Describes aeroplane problems, flight to target and P-51 fighter escort. Comments on other aeroplanes in the formation and German fighter attacks. [20:00-25:00] Continues about flight to the target, dropping chaff [to block enemy radar] and their return flight. [25:00-30:00] Remarks on return to their quarters at base, difficult landings of other aeroplanes, his feelings on completing his first mission and the Group's successful bombing results. For preceding recording, see MC 371/882/46/1. For tape insert, see MC 376/431/6.