Memorabilia (MC 371/797, USF 17/4)
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MC 371/797, USF 17/4

49 papers


2nd Air Division Headquarters

Raymond E. Strong

Image 004 contains redacted information. One image of newspaper has been removed due to rights issues.

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Letter to the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library, dated 25 August 1986, to accompany a donation of memorabilia which includes the following documents: Short biography of Maj. Gen. James Pratt Hodges, (War Department, 17 November 1942). 2nd Bomb Division entertainment programme for production of 'It's All Yours, Buddy'. Menus and programmes from Division Night dinner, 6 November 1943. 'Wing Ding' dinners, 28 November 1942 and 5 June 1943. Memoranda concerning various subjects, including the distribution and classification of directives recieved from Higher Headquarters, correspondence procedures, functions of staff (with organization chart), Victory in Europe Day procedures, 1943-1945. 'Milestones of the Eighth Air Force', timeline of 8th Air Force main events to January 1945. Programme for an American football game at Carrow Road stadium, 30 November 1944. 'Did You Know', newsletter giving facts about the 2nd Air Division. Article 'Kepner Graduates' (regarding Gen. Kepner's receipt of a high school diploma in 1947). Theatre programmes and tickets (Norwich and London). 'Stars and Stripes', 7 June 1944. Invitation to the Grand Victory Ball, 16 May 1945, in the Samson and Hercules ballroom, Norwich.