Recorded interview of Johnnie Falls by Elaine Clearfield (MC 371/886/1/2)
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Recorded interview of Johnnie Falls by Elaine Clearfield


MC 371/886/1/2

1 side of audio cassette

nd [c 1985]

General documents relating to the activities of the 2nd Air Division/Miscellaneous

Johnnie Falls, Elaine Clearfield

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Recording made at Kennedy Airport, New York, before Johnnie Falls' [hereafter JF] flight to a 2nd Air Division reunion in England. Comments on his place of origin, San Antonio, Texas, service in 486th Bomb Group (Sudbury) and current state of the former airbase site at Sudbury. Describes his duties as a bombardier, including navigation. Remarks on completing his thirty-five combat missions in eight months. Discussion about his most memorable experience: aeroplane shot down on his third mission, bailing out into German territory between Cologne and Aachen, during siege of Aachen, and found by American First Army troops. Describes his pre-war education and post-war work as engineer, before further service in Air Force as a bombardier. Remarks on his military career, including research and development role in a space programme. Discussion about the forthcoming reunion and his wife's first visit to England. Remarks on the impact of military service on his life and role in Korean and Vietnam wars. Describes his duties as a battle staff director in Vietnam. Discussion about his wife and family. Recorded on side B of cassette.